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Bamboo Paper Towels | 10 Rolls | Eco Friendly


10 Rolls of Eco Friendly Sustainable Bamboo Kitchen Rolls. Strong and absorbent, perfect for cleaning kitchen stains and spills.

Made from
Super strong
& absorbent
FSC Forest
Plastic Free

Bamboo Paper Towels Bulk Box | 10 Rolls

Product Description

Meet our Eco Friendly Paper Towels made from Bamboo! They are super strong & super absorbent. Your kitchen needs these glorious creations. Delivered 100% Plastic Free to your home.

The Best Bits

+Made from Eco Friendly Bamboo
+Strong 2ply & Super Absorbent
+No Chemical Nasties! Natural Formula
+Both Product & Packaging are Plastic Free
+Vegan Certified with the Vegan Society

Why choose Cheeky Panda for Paper Towels?

No.1 Bamboo is Magical. It's time to reduce Deforestation. Using this magical grass, 65% less Carbon emissions are released than if we were using trees. Bamboo is sourced from FSC Certified forests. Do we steal Pandas food source? NO, of course not. They like another type of bamboo.

No. 2 (No pun intended) We're Carbon Balanced! We balance the carbon emitted in our process with The World Land Trust, rebuilding rainforests in Vietnam and protecting animal habitats. So, no excess carbon nasties are released into our lovely environment.

No. 3 Impact that counts. We have an initiative called Earth, Ocean & People, where we support The World Land Trust, Whale & Dolphin Conservation & Toilet Twinning through fundraising and donations. We're all on a mission to create a happier planet!

Shipping & Delivery

FedEx Ground Shipping - Dispatched in 1-3 Days


-10 Rolls of 2 Ply Kitchen Roll
-Av. Sheet Count: 200 sheets per roll
-Av. Roll Length: 22m
-Av. Sheet Size: 220mm x 225mm
-Av. Roll Weight: 208g


Kitchen Roll: 100% Virgin Bamboo
Core: 100% Recyclable Card
Packaging: 100% Recyclable Paper

Disposal & Recycling

-Kitchen Roll Core can be recycled
-Paper Packaging can be recycled