Know what is in your toilet roll?

If you follow The Cheeky Panda closely (which, let’s face it, you should), you’ll know that we’re big on there being no ‘chemical nasties’ of any kind in our soft and strong toilet roll.
But what do we mean by that? Why do we say it so much? Will we ever stop? Probably not. Because we’re proud of the fact that our products are as natural as they possibly can be, and have as little impact on your health, as well as the planet’s, as possible.
We thought it would make sense to tell you what is in a bog-standard roll of toilet paper, and why you should make the switch to ours. So, here’s a handy blog post, lovingly put together by one of our resident Cheeky Pandas…



Yep, that same stuff which makes your local swimming pool smell weird (but also kind of nice?).
Most conventional toilet tissue manufacturers use chlorine to bleach toilet rolls for that bright white colour. Chlorine isn’t great for your body or your skin, and it’s a hidden ingredient in a lot of loo rolls which not many people know about. It can release something called ‘dioxins’, which can cause serious health issues.
Not only that, it actually makes the cost of toilet tissue more expensive – just to make it white and look ‘nicer’. Think about it: have you ever even thought about how manufacturers make our tissue brilliant white?
The Cheeky Panda don’t use chlorine bleach. We actually use H2o2, or Hydrogen Peroxide for the those who didn't get a B in Science.
Despite the slightly intimidating name, Hydrogen Peroxide is actually eco-friendly and natural, meaning our loo roll is clean and free of damaging chemicals.


Some recycled toilet paper contains BPA (bisphenol A.), which can usually be found in plastic products. The reason for this is that some of the recycled paper used to create the toilet roll comes from things like receipts or fax paper.
While this could be considered a problem, using recycled paper is still much better than the option of using normal toilet paper – it saves energy, saves water and natural resources, especially trees.
The Cheeky Panda’s loo roll is totally BPA free, given that it’s made from bamboo and not old lottery tickets!

Tree Pulp

Trees have been used to create toilet roll for years. The latest figures have humans wiping out a very upsetting 270,000 trees a DAY to make toilet paper. That’s a lot of trees, meaning a lot of habitats for animals are destroyed, just so we can clean our bums.
The Cheeky Panda use fast-growing bamboo to sustainably create soft loo roll with little damage to the environment. Bamboo is extremely renewable, unlike other trees used, making our toilet roll much better for the planet.
We also don’t use panda food, they don’t like the bamboo we use, because they’re very picky.

LOADS of dust

Toilet tissue dust not only creates unnecessary mess in your bathroom, but it’s also not exactly great for you. Inhaling dust can be bad for your health, plus dusty tissues can agitate those with allergy issues.
Because bamboo fibres are smoother and longer, it means they trap less dust. That makes our toilet roll naturally perfect for sufferers of sensitive skin!
So, now you know a little about what you can find in your toilet paper, could we convince you to give ours a go instead? And if you already do, first of all thank you, second of all, could you convince your friends?
I mean you’re reading this blog post for a reason, right?