The Cheeky Panda US is Rocking: Teaming with Toilet Twinning

Did you know that 2.3 billion people have nowhere safe to go to the toilet? It may not seem like a problem to you – you’re likely to have lived with working plumbing your whole life. harmful bacteria and illnesses can spread from the lack of proper toilets. Approximately 900 children die every day from diseases linked to unsafe toilets and dirty water.

Why Toilets Matter

Proper toilets are important. There’s no need to walk miles to collect (sometimes dirty and infectious) water, and they help contain deceases. Sanitation-related illnesses aggravate an already dire poverty situation; adults can’t work or go into debt just to buy medicine, kids miss school, and young girls stop school altogether once their period starts as there are no toilets or changing rooms available.

But that’s not all – working taps matter, too! In times of Covid-19, having the possibility to was your hands and practice proper hygiene is vital. But many families do not have the possibility to frequently wash their hands, if at all.
Who are Toilet Twinning?

Toilet Twinning is a Charity that, through generous donations from those with working loos, help impoverished families around the world to build toilets, gain access to clean water, and learn about handwashing and other hygiene principles.
By donating to Toilet Twinning, your toilet and/or tap is ‘twinned’ with the one you help build where it’s needed most. You’ll even receive an image and the exact coordinates of your toilet twin!
What is the Cheeky Panda doing to support Toilet Twinning?

As an official partner of Toilet Twinning, The Cheeky Panda wants to support the organization by donating part of our profits directly to the charity. Our goal is to twin 100 toilets within one year – giving 100 families and communities the dignity of a hygienic and safe toilet.
Join us in helping hundreds of families across the globe gain access to hygienic, safe toilets and taps to put an end to sanitation-related illness and death.